Sunday, February 8, 2015

Recommendation on Linkedin - Yes, I need it !

Hi All,

I never thought about this before to write a blog post of about requesting the community members and friends and others who are in touch with me one or the other way, to provide recommendation to me through Linkedin.  Now  a days Social media is the way to reach out to mass and seems to be very effective too.

After serving 8 years at VMware, now I am in a position where I am searching for a new challenge so at the same time feeling necessity about having Recommendation of my Work done in that duration.

If my contribution / reply / update / pointers helped you in any way or at least put you in the direction you want, then please just take few minutes to provide a Recommendation as its very valuable for me a lot. I would say it will be priceless.

As everyone knows Linkedin is the platform for all professionals to be in touch with each other and this is a most respective way in our professional world where one can find out everything about other person in this very space.

I have provided recommendations to those who needs them time to time and never thought of the need at that time but now I am in the same boat as them. Time is same for everyone and you never know when it will change. As it changed for me, I humbly request to provide the same at your earliest convenience and me and my Family are truly grateful to you for your time and help.

So please feel free to reach out to me if you need the same and I am happy to provide it as well.

This is a general stand I am taking to get the recommendation as it will take lot of time to reach out to people individually (in fact I am doing that too) but as the person might be busy or not checking his linkedin, the message may be sitting there idle. I have seen few messages like that in my inbox which I just acted and agreed that they were requested by the person/s almost a year back. Now providing the recommendation at present, may or may not help as it was not done on time (may be they need at that time) and I have provided today. So please check your inbox for such message and at least let the person know the status about it. Going forward, I will be taking care of it for sure as now realized the importance of it. As everyone has their own priorities to do things so please dont take this as any advice or such. but consider it as a general thought of a person who is in need at the moment.

If you are not in my circle then just send out the request on my way and my doors are open.

If you see any request from me about the recommendation then once again, just requesting few minutes of your busy schedule to provide it.

Community is all about help and hence this blog post.

Hope you will help and also spread the message to others.

Thanks for your time and help

Please share and care !

Wish me luck !


  1. What is/was your position at VMware? And what kind of new positions are you interested in?

  2. Hey, just saw this today - vCNS / NSX -