Monday, May 14, 2018

NSX-T Resources


Its been a while when I last blogged but here I am again with NSX-T.

Please go through the whole article here about getting anything for NSX-T

NSX-T - Reference Architecture

NSX-T - Reference Design

Containers and container Networking with NSX-T

NSX-T Hands-on-Labs
HOL-1826-01-NET – VMware NSX-T – Getting Started (
HOL-1826-02-NET – VMware NSX-T with Kubernetes (

NSX-T White Paper

NSX-T Routing

Software Download

PKS CLI                                    
Kubectl CLI                               
Pivotal Ops Manager for vSphere
Stemcell for vSphere                 

NSX-T Official Documentation

NSX-T Deployment Architecture with NAT 
NSX-T deployment with PKS using the Network Address Translation (NAT) topology. The following figure shows the NAT deployment architecture:

Early Access: VMware Validated Design for NSX-T in a Workload Domain


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