Wednesday, May 29, 2013

vExpert - Should I go for it or not?


Well that was the question I asked my self a year ago when I applied for the same and was denied.

Right after that I blogged about it, for those who did not get the vExpert - what to do next?

For me it was very much clear as the next target and literally I started blogging from 20th April onwards (after the vExpert results announced in 2012) and till date provided lot of information and contributed to the community as much as I can.

Instead of sitting idle and pulling back the string I decided to take up as a challenge on my own and perceived the same as next Year's Target.

And now I am having a space on the vExpert list announced yesterday by none other than our own @jtroyer (Director, Social Media Evagelist at VMware), Corey Romero and the whole Team running this program.
I have to thank him and the team who believed in me and found me worth the Award. I really appreciate the time and efforts he is putting which shows the value of  this program. I bet you won't find such thing anywhere else except VMware. ;-)

I was actually not aware about the same until @Sunny_Dua buzzed me on Twitter.

So I have to suggest only one thing if you want to be a vExpert - "Go for it".

Its not hard to get anything once commit and dedicate your efforts and time management is another key factor here.

@TintriInc is king enough and announced to give each vExpert a T-shirt for which you can register here.

Also there are few lists for vExperts-2013 on Twitter where you can send your information to register as a member.

@Bacon_Is_King has blogged about more information which you can find it here.

Hopefully continue to contribute to the wonderful VMware community in better way and help the people out.

Hardwork always pays off !!

Share and care !