Thursday, December 26, 2013

VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals Course


After acquiring Nicira, VMware has developed a solution for Network Virtualization with a product called "NSX".

Based on the announcement done at the VMworld 2013 there will be a VCA-NV certification based on  Network Virtualization concepts and recently I saw a Tweet from VMware Education Service about a Self Paced (3 hours) course on Network Virtualization Fundamental.

You can register for it here. You can enroll for it and do it on your own pace.

Once the announcement made about the per-requisites and other requirements for VCA-NV one can attempt for it but till then I believe this is the only source to know more about what "Network Virtualization" is and go through the content.

I have already blogged about the NSX Resources before which I will update once VCA-NV becomes GA.

I will be posting few more items on NSX so keep watching this !!

Share and care.

Enjoy NSXing.