Friday, September 11, 2015

Journey to the Land of Fahrenheit and Miles Journey to the Land of Fahrenheit and Miles: Hi, Since my journey ended up with VMware early this year, I was thinking and planning to move to US from Canada. So many friends and fam...

Journey to the Land of Fahrenheit and Miles


Since my journey ended up with VMware early this year, I was thinking and planning to move to US from Canada. So many friends and family members have an idea about my current location as Toronto, Canada. But today, as promised to many of you on Twitter and other social media, I will be demystifying the mystery and share my experience about the change I have experienced within last 6-8 months which is HUGE. Currently I am in North Carolina and enjoying the Weather after the cold winters of Canada. So technically its a halfway of the journey.

My journey from North to south brought the following items in our life including my family members'. As they say Change is Good so been through the following in one shot. :-)

City - New
State - New
Country - New
Community - New
People - New
Work place - New
Residential place - New
Neighbors - New
Friends and Relatives - New
Work culture - New
Colleagues - New
Policies - New
Rules - New
Government - New
Currency - New
Boss - New
Grocery Store/s - New
Measurements - New
Weather - New
Environment - New
Culture - New
Food Habits - New

Only some of my friends from school and this community are old :-) and I wish they should be there as they are. Loving them and this community with the deepest gratitude from my heart.

In April I joined a Customer of VMware as VMware Cloud Engineer and exposed to many products to work with which mainly includes vRA, vRO, vROPS, vCM, Hyperic and helped standing up their private cloud with UCS and Xtreme IO as their backend Infrastructure. it was very heavy on DevOps side so touched and learned little bit of Docker, Core OS, Github, Chef and other unknown :-) technologies such as UC4, Jenkins etc. Most of you must have seen an update about that. When it comes to a solution for Network Virtualization, the decision was made to use some other solution than VMware NSX. Now before departing VMware, NSX was the main/crucial component I was heavily involved in, so a thought of moving away from the product kept me thinking about my future and career path I chosen.

At the right moment this opportunity came in and I could not resist it in any way. It is a Global Solution Architect (Network Virtualization and Security) Role with one of the Top organization in IT security and a Security Partner of VMware in the area of DC Security - TrendMicro. Now with the goal of SDDC of VMware, and use of NSX in the whole Data Center, TM solutions are working in the following area and providing Optimized Security for VMware, Data Center Security, VDI Security, Cloud Computing, Securing the Software-Defined Data Center and Security and Operations Visibility.

In this capacity I need to architect and provide solutions to the customers which has a mix of Trend's "D" level of Security product solutions and VMware NSX as Network Virtualization in their Infrastructure. This is like a heavenly made pair when it comes to a pure security for SDDC and using the Micro-Segmentation based security. This combo protects the DC with all other possibilities such as Malware, DDoS, IPS/IDS which can be done only using enterprise level security solutions of TrendMicro. The role is based in Texas (where I will eventually move) so my journey will be complete from North to South :-).

So many people I have to thank for their support and I am really grateful to this community for their continued "unconditional" help whenever its needed.Truly amazing experience I am having every day when I spend time among this community where people are ready to help each other, however they can. This is not something you see every where and I am sure all of you will agree on this.

Hope to continue with my regular blogging but now with more on TrendMicro/VMware NSX solutions.

Cheers !!