Friday, June 8, 2012

VMware Visio Stencils for VCDX Design

Recently I was thinking to start drawing on the whiteboard for each design component in vSphere e.g. Virtual Machine Design, Cluster Design, Storage Design, Virtual Center Server etc. etc. but then I need few whiteboards as the design grows or a bigger Desk like @FrankDenneman

Thought about using the Bamboo Tablet also as inspired by @Scott_Lowe but that requires a bigger monitor to dedicate the space.

So looking at the cost involved I am staying with Visio and just split the designs in to various pages and can work across multiple monitors.

After doing some research found out that there are Visio Stencils available at various scattered places and one needs to visit various sites to see the content.

So for all the VCDX aspirants, I have gathered all the links from VMware community forums and also referred to the posts by some of our own community members such as @maishsk @rick_vmwaretips etc. etc.

There are two Zip files with which you can download them directly but you have to go to each link to download the files.

NSX Icons

Hope you find all these links useful while preparing your VCDX Design and Good Luck to you all who are going to defend at SF and Barcelona VMworld 2012.


@joshuatownsend has blogged about Visio stencils for vSphere and View Horizon which you find here.

Please share your designing skills which can help others to become a better presenter. :-)



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  1. I have some custom VMware Visio stencils and shapes specific to vSphere and Horizon View on my site: