Wednesday, January 21, 2015

End of Era.... Waiting for new Beginning !


This is very unexpected and unfortunate but I received this news today that due to Organizational restructuring my position at VMware got eliminated so now I am open to any position within the SDDC, NSX, cloud computing or any other suitable position if you or someone in your circle knows about it.

Its been solid 8 years at VMware and saw the whole organization very closely including its growth, products, vision etc. etc.

I started in the days of ESXi 2.x onwards and now 6 is almost on the door step this year.

During my journey here I took some challenges apart from my normal routines and got awarded externally with vExpert (2014/2015) and Cisco Champion 2015 recently. so far I am the only TSE in GSS of VMware who is Cisco Champion so that is a proud moment.

Recently also received an award for Super KM Hero for the year 2014 by the Knowledge Management Team of VMware which is given to an individual who has the highest contribution to the Internal/ External KB articles and White Papers/official documentation by providing positive constructive Feedback/s.

Created around 130+ articles in the repository of the articles and got numerous awards over the years too for the efforts I have put it in.

Anyway my Linkedin Profile has all the details but please get in touch with me if you have any position for me and if you know someone who has such opening in the above areas where I can use my knowledge and experience and I am sure I won't let the selection down.

You can also reach me through Twitter (DM) if you are following me.

I am really thankful for your support and hoping to get some gig soon as I am open to any location in US as decided to move from Canada. I can provide more details if you need once we start having conversation.

This is very hard to digest but C'est la vie !!

If you are on my Linked contacts then please feel free to provide recommendation at your convenient time. Also any references you can provide is appreciated (personally/professionally).

When one door closes, another one opens. This is what I strongly believe and now just waiting for the right moment.

Not feeling anything negatively but staying strong and hoping things changes soon.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any more information through email, Linkedin or Twitter or using this blog. 


  1. Hey Manish...I know how you will be feeling..Dude can you send me your CV to my gmail I'd.