Saturday, March 1, 2014

Visio Stencil Links for VCDX Defence with updated Links

I'm putting here all the links from where you can download the#VMware #Visio #Stencils if you are preparing for VCDX Defense or just doing any presentations / designs.

Multi Vendor collection 

Various Contributors

Some View Visio Stencils by Ray Heffer

vCO specific Visio Stencils by Josh Townsend 

Some Diagrams by @HanyMichael 

NSX Visio Diagrams on VMware Blogs by Nikhil Kelshikar

VCAC 6 icon Pack by Ryan kelly

Juniper Visio stencils

Good Luck !!

Share and care !


  1. I've got a few other Visio Stencils that I've created here: Includes some vSphere and Horizon View stuff.

  2. Great list of stencils, the best thing is that I was able to use these stencils in my visio like diagram software . I was able to import to creately and edit. Thanks for the stencils again!