Tuesday, May 22, 2012

VCAP Study - Merged PDF Files

I have started preparing for the VCAP again and mainly I was using the online documentation for reference for the available blueprints.

For more details on both certifications, visit here.

I have tried reading the PDF files on my home PC, laptop and tablets (Touchpad and Playbook) using Octopus (BETA) and as a backup Dropbox. The only challenge I had was to look for the correct PDF files for certain subject/feature/configuration. It requires to open multiple PDF file/s one at a time and then do the search for the word/s.

One of my colleagues has given me a hint about merging the PDF files in to one. So I went ahead and merged almost all the PDF files which are necessary to study for VCAP certifications.

I have included the screenshot below for all the files I have merged in to one main PDF file which you can keep at the central location for easy access and to read while you are traveling, waiting or actually reading at midnight after the family falls asleep :-)

To merge the PDF files I have used the site http://foxyutils.com/mergepdf/.

This site lets you make one PDF file of 32 MB at the max. The one I have created is of 21.1 MB approx. with 2576 pages in total.

This is a good way to have all the information at one central location and just have to skim through whenever I need something to refer. This is just me but people can still have them separate and refer.

Hope you will find the same as useful as me. For now the file can be downloaded from here.

If you have any other suggestion then you can leave the feedback and I will try to work on that.

Good Luck with your study for the VCAPs ;-)

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