Friday, April 27, 2012

vCO and PowerShell- Interested?

Recently came across a discussion on how to use PowerShell with vCO (vCenter Orchastrator) by Alan Renouf (@arenouf) and Igor Stoyanov (R&D @VMware).

These are some examples I am posting here for your reference.

vCO Powershell blog post:

Community posting on topic PowerShell script and the Orchestrator:

vCO PowerCLI blog post:

Official documentation:

Example of using vCO powershell plugin to integrated with the View powercli

Upon research I found few more blogs out there

One by a VMware employee Arnim van Lieshout (@avlieshout) on using esxcli with PowerCLI

and another one by Paul Woodward (@woodwarp) on scripting esxcli commands.

If you come across any other links then please send it off to me and I will update here.



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