Sunday, April 29, 2012

Device or Resource Busy Error on vSphere client

I can hardly count the instances where anyone working with VMware vSphere environment has not encountered this error "Device or Resource Busy"

There are  some reasons why this error coming up.

Few instances mainly can be listed as follows

  • When you browse a datastore, it does not have any files or folders.
  • Under /vmfs/volumes/ there are no files or directories.
  • While deleting a datastore, you see the error:

    Device or Resource Busy
  • Deleting the partition table of this datastore does not resolve the issue.
  • Deleting a vmdk fails for the VM which is not longer in use 
There are few articles you can find here which discusses all these conditions and how to resolve them.   and

If you have encountered other instances which are not documented then you can always provide the feedback to the article and it will be updated accordingly.

If you search you may find other articles which highlights other issues apart from the listed above.

Hope you will find this information useful.


  1. Our customer has an inactive NFS datastore that cannot be unmounted or deleted.
    No ISO´s or VM´s on the datastore.

    When trying
    esxcfg-nas -d "ds"
    Device busy.