Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New VMware NSX Licensing Scheme is released

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VMware just announced the new NSX Licensing scheme so please read the FAQ here which has all the preliminary information without even getting panicked and also get in touch with your sales person (assigned to your account) which will give you the better idea.

So by looking at this the most suitable one for any small to mid size organization is the "Advanced" version which has mostly all the bells and whistles except the multi site and Cross VC functionalities.

Its a simple math when making the decisions on what the organization wants. If its ready to spend money to connect their geographically dispersed locations then Enterprise edition is the only choice.

To promote open stack the standard Edition is having the support for it. Home Lab people might have to go for the Standard Edition depending on the price of it as I'm sure it wont be affordable to choose the Advanced or Enterprise version.

IPSEC and SSL VPN  are part of Enterprise which is rising a question on just using L2VPN when normal organization have staff people who are connecting remotely using their MAC/WIN/*NIX machines. So even for that feature they need to go for Enterprise version. Hoping that this should be part of Advanced and NOT Enterprise but lets see what the future might hold.

All the remote features are part of Enterprise which is nice as if you don't need it you don't buy them.

There is no indication on pricing done as the pointer was set to contact the Sales person but even a hint should be fine on the pricing model or even if one has to use just one feature from other edition then what is the cost involved in that (rather than switching from one edition to another completely).

Home Lab people will surely need most of the features to test and try out various scenarios but not sure what will happen in that area unless the person is a vExpert, then its a different story.

This granular model looks adaptive but the pricing model will tell us more on how people feel about it. I just heard that it will be based on 1K per socket but I would not go with it unless it come from a valid source or from VMware itself. So hoping something should be publicly available which will give an idea to the large audience.

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