Friday, January 29, 2016

Cisco Champion 2016


I was just working on something and suddenly saw an email landing in my Inbox with a Title of

"Welcome 2016 Cisco Champions!"

So for a second, I thought the result was not announced so what it should be ?

Curiosity drove me to open the mail and indeed it was the email from the Cisco Community Program Manager and the Team.

Brandon Prebynski (@prebynski), Program Manager

Lauren Friedman (@lauren), DC, EN, Cloud, IOT Lead

Kim Austin (@ciscokima), Collaboration Lead

Brian Remmel (@bremmel), Security Lead

I was awarded for 2015 and now for 2016 so this is my 2nd year getting this Award.

I am really thankful to the Team and the Program Manager Brandon, for giving me such recognition and hopefully continue to contribute more and more for the community.

Wish all other Cisco Champions who made to the list of 2016.

I may know some and may not others but when it comes to the community contribution, it really doesn't matter who, where, why, how?

I am doing similar contribution for other communities as well which is keeping me strong and helping people out is a major objective here which helps me being consistent.

Hopefully see all Cisco Champions some time at some event and wishing everyone Good luck for 2017.


Share and care !

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