Monday, May 18, 2015

Adding an uplink to VDS fails with an error "Call "HostNetworkSystem.UpdateNetworkConfig" failed


I was just working on VDS and found out that while adding an additional Uplink to the existing VDS failed with the following error.

The environment consists of ESXi/VC 5.5 U2 and I have tried configuring the same using the vSphere client and also the Web Client and getting the same error using both methods. ESXi using Cisco UCS B-200 M3.

"Call "HostNetworkSystem.UpdateNetworkConfig" for object "networkSystem-416016" on vCenter Server "esxhostname" failed"

Now I tried finding out the KB site of VMware and found out only few KBs related to the same error.

First one is KB 2081478 which I worked on at some time and mostly talks about the IBM 3650 M2 or M3 servers and the other one is KB 2013558 which is discussing the issue when migrating the vmkernel interface to VDS fails. My issue was not following in either of the categories.

So I started looking in to the issue further from VDS perspective and found out that the existing VDS is using two uplinks and I was trying to add 3rd uplink.

I looked at the properties of the VDS by going into  Home -> Inventory -> Networking and right click the VDS in question and hit Edit Settings and I saw the following.

As you can see the configured number of uplink ports are only 2 and I cant add more than that.

Now this simply very obvious that there are lot of factors / situations which can play the part here e.g. You forgot what you have setup initially when you built the environment for the first time or you are working on a pre-configured environment by someone else and you never know such configuration was done by whom and how long ago or there is no documentation available for such configuration.

Either of the cases will lead back to the troubleshooting process which was just to find out where things are wrong based on the error. But at the same time as the error itself if not do descriptive, you are in hands of your own knowledge and experience for the product or you need to engage the Support.

By now you might have already figured out the resolution, which was nothing else but just to increase the number of dvuplinks for that VDS. Once I increased to 3 I was able to add the 3rd pNIC as an uplink to that VDS.

Hopefully this will help to the readers.

Please share and care.

Cheers !!

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