Sunday, March 9, 2014

VMware Recertification Rants / Favors


THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT A RANT OR A FAVOR at all regarding the upcoming change for the VCP certification but instead its about How to prepare oneself to cope up with such change.

Full announcement of the VCP level re certification  is made recently on 7th March on and from then I have seen lot of posts about discussing specifics about this step of VMware Education Services.

Here is a complied list of blog posts I have seen saw far from Twitter

VMware Certified Professional  Recertification - By Christian Mohn

VCP Certification Expiration Check your Transcript - By Florian Dahl

VCP for Life - By Vladan Seget

New post: VMware Certification Changes - By David Klee

VMware Certification Expiration - By Adam Eckerle

New Post VMare VCP Required Recertification - By Martjin Smit

The new  VMware Recertification Policy - By Jonathan Frappier

My thoughts on  VMware Recertification - By Patrick Kremer

VMware Recertification Policy - By Eric Sloof

VMware  New Recertification Policy - By Marcel Van Den Berg

VMware Recertification Expiration - Good or Bad? - By Avaram Woroch (A really good read)

VMware Introduces a Re-certification Process - By Tom Howarth

VMware VCP Recertification - By Joshua Andrews

VCP Recertification - By Matt Cowger

Recertification policy for VCP level certifications - By Scott Vessey

VMware's New Re-Certification Policy - By Cody Bunch (vBrownbag)

VCP is now coming with an Expiry - By M W Preston

Is the VCP the new VTAX? - By Gabriel Chapman

VMware Announces a Recertify Deadline to its VCP Certification - By David Marshall

ZOMG! VMware VCP Certifications Now Expire, The End is Nigh? - By Chris Wahl

For more information please visit the main VMware site.

As far as I can say  there would be only one choice - Take it or Leave it. This is THE fact/truth.

With changing products release the schedule can be changed from 2 yrs to 3 yrs so it all depends.

We cant assume that if the product is not released within 2 years then what happens to the cert which depends on the newer version. My understanding is "That will not be too much difficult to figure out" by
VMware Education and the Product Managers works at VMware. So leave that decision up to them.

Now the question remain is "What YOU can do about this change?"

You just need to plan ahead on your choice and decision for getting the product knowledge (for specific stream of specialization) in which you are dealing with daily basis and only thing you need is to have proper knowledge of that product and experience. Once you have that you don't need anything else in terms of the Test / Certification requirement/s. You can easily attain them by remaining within the requirements set to get the certification. @eck79 (Adam Eckerle) has shed the light very well in his blog which is mentioned in the above list.

Please do send an email directly to for any concerns you might have regarding the change and Feel free to leave a comment if any update is required. I will be updating the post with any new links I found anywhere so keep checking it daily.

So Trust yourself and wishing Good Luck to you all.

Share and care !!

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