Thursday, November 21, 2013

Changing Language of vSphere Client for ESXi host


I was recently part of a discussion where there was a requirement on the customer's end to change the Language on DCUI of ESXi server as by default its using English.

Not sure about the exact reason to change the language but there is a file you can edit to change the Language of vSphere Client (C#) so here comes the bad NEWS. Technically its NOT possible to change the Language of DCUI. It will be English only.

You can connect to ESXi host with any of the following 6 Languages.

English: /?locale=en_US
German: /?locale=de_DE
French: /?locale=fr_FR
Japanese: /?locale=ja_JP
Korean: /?locale=ko_KR
Chinese: /?locale=zh_CN

In order to select the language, you need to append the language to the end of the vpxclient executable (vpxclient.exe) which is shown in the following example through command line French is selected:

"C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\VpxClient.exe" -locale fr_FR

There are few articles published around the same subject matter so refer them according to your requirements.

Forcing a localized vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client installation to launch in a localized language/English

Why does my vSphere Client on French Operating System display in English when I connect to vCenter 

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