Sunday, October 6, 2013

VCAP Design Boot Camp


Recently John Arrasjid @VCDX001 Tweeted about doing a VCAP Design Boot camp and invited people from the Community who possess VCAP certification (in any order) to contribute to the idea.

I am one of them who was lucky to have the spot and able to add inputs and provide Feedback.
The great thing about this Boot Camp is that its covering all the VCAP level Design certification tracks viz in View (EUC), Datacenter (DCV) and vCloud  (Cloud) areas. And not only that it has the resources available through VMware Education as well as from any additional External resources which helps a candidate achieving the certification depending on his/her expertise.

John has done a fantastic work after moving in to VMware Education Group and I am sure this will help people plan their paths and achieve the same with proper resources on hand. A big Congrats and Thanks to others who ever contributed to this idea and make it happen a Great Help for the VMware community.

This boot camp involves the Process, Exam Formats, Simulation Tool for each track so that candidate can be made aware of the what the Exam will look like and what kind of Questions he/she will get and by having the proper balance between the nature of the questions, resources etc. it will help one to do proper planning to go for this Cert and achieve them.

More details about the Barcelona Boot Camp you can find on the community page.

The Boot Camp will be held on October 13th 2013 at 9.30 A.M. and will be Led  by John Arrasjid, Jon Hall and Linus Bourque. All from VMware.

Attendance will be First come First Serve basis so make sure you register for it on time. One needs to send the information to before Oct 10th 2013.

Hope you find the information from this VCAP Design Boot Camp useful and spread the word.

Share and Care !!

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