Saturday, June 8, 2013

VMUG Voice

I am a VMUG member but not yet actively engaged in all the activities offered by the VMUG groups.

But while working with cloud cred on task I had to complete is to Blog about VMUG Voice.

What is VMUG Voice??

As per the site

"VMUG Voice is the monthly electronic newsletter distributed exclusively to VMUG members. Launched in June 2010, the newsletter is a premier educational resource for VMware users worldwide. Through VMUG Voice, VMware users can:  

  • Read the latest about VMware products and enhancements
  • Learn through white papers and case studies of successful VMware applications
  • Take advantage of VMware tips shared by other professionals, including expert bloggers
  • Discover how affiliated vendors can help maximize their productivity and success
  • Learn about upcoming VMware and VMUG events
  • Find out how VMUG chapters are educating their members

so basically you have to keep trying and contribute as much as you can to the VMUG as a member and depending on the contribution you can be on the VMUG Voice Featured Member one day.

Keep sharing and contributing towards VMUGs !!

Share and Care !!

Thanks to all.

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