Thursday, April 4, 2013

vCenter Certificate Automation Tool 1.0

Recently with the introduction of SSO people find it difficult to manage SSL certificates with various VMware products. So based on the issues and other facts VMware has released today a new tool called "vCenter Certification Automation Tool version 1.0" which will help implementation of Custom certificates which can be mainly categorized in the following category

  1. Secure token Service Certificate – Certificate used by vCenter Single Sign On (SSO) for encryption tokens
  2. Solution User Certificates – Certificates used by each solution to identify themselves as users to SSO
  3. SSL Certificates  – certificates needed for SSL communication for the UI and API layer
  4. Host Certificates – These certificates are deployed in each ESXi host and used for secure vCenter to ESXi communication.

This tool will help configuring the SSL certificates for the following products

  1. vCenter Server
  2. vCenter Single Sign On
  3. vCenter Inventory Service
  4. vSphere Web Client
  5. vCenter Log Browser
  6. VMware Update Manager (VUM)
  7. vCenter Orchestrator (VCO)

KB 2041600 is published which will discuss about the Tool in detail and you can find the blog post here.

You can download the Tool from here which will require you MyVMware Account credentials.

Hope you now have smooth experience while dealing with SSL certificates.

Lot of people are involved in developing this tool and Hats Off to all of them.

Please provide the feedback about the tool on the VMware blog post page.

Enjoy and share !!

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