Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Need 5 mins of your valuable Time

Hi All,

Back in 2012 the announcement of vExpert for 2011 was made and I was not selected based on the standards and criteria but I took that as a challenge and committed to myself to do blogging about all VMware related technologies and actively started blogging from April 2012 onwards and here I am with 70 Blog posts so far.

This blog is dedicated to all the VMware Community and to the people who are using VMware on a daily basis.

Spreading knowledge is the key for me when it comes to VMware. I am not in the race but just to get the support from you in one of the categories such as the following would be highly appreciated.

"Best New Blog"

"Best Networking Blog" 

"Best Storage Blog"

There are others blogs out there but if you think a single blog post helped you then Vote for my blog just for the support and extend the help to contribute more and more going further.

It will take few minutes of your time but will make more long time effect on me and will give enough fuel for the upcoming years. I expect nothing else as your invaluable Vote will have everything.

Use the following link to vote and urging not to do any Fake multiple voting.

Thanks for your time and appreciate all the help you are doing to recognize the efforts

Share and care !!

Cheers !!

Vote for the "Best New Blog" of 2012

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