Thursday, January 3, 2013

SiteSurvey 2.5.3 for FT - Not supported on vSphere 5.1

I was reading researching about NX/XD (KB 1993) , EVC (KB 1003212) & FT and came across the page where I saw that on vSphere 5.1 the Site Survey 2.5.3 utility is not supported.

VMware SiteSurvey 2.5.3 is actually a plugin for the vSphere Client which analyzes ESX/ESXi host/s managed by vCenter Server and reports on whether the configuration of both software and hardware is suitable for use with the VMware Fault Tolerance (FT) feature.

You will notice the following message on the Main Site Survey Page.

As you can see it is supported on all previous version than vSphere 5.1.

Another important utility is the cpuid tool which checks the CPU configuration for compatibility and other feature comparison. If you don't have this then I would recommend to download the same as you can use it any time for checking the cpu information.

You can download the CPUID zip file from here.

If you are not aware about FT then you can read the features here.

Microsoft has their own HAV (Hardware Assisted Virtualization) detection tool which you can download from here.

As everyone else I am also waiting for SMP FT which will solve so many issues in the area of BC/DR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) which helps the businesses achieving 6 9's of SLA and rethinking the RTO/RPO combination. It will make a huge difference in the availability of vCenter Server which is the core component for all other dependent products such as vCloud, vShield, vCenter Orchestrator etc. etc.

Hopefully it will come out as heard that its demo was shown at some conference in 2012 but not sure what exactly it will support. If any one witnessed the demo then please leave your comment here so the readers/users can use the information discussed during the Demo.

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