Wednesday, November 7, 2012

LACP and vSphere 5.1

LACP is the new feature introduced in new vSphere 5.1 VDS (vSphere Distributed Switch).

With that there are some articles published out by VMware for the issues involved with it.

The articles are listed below.

Enabling or disabling LACP on an Uplink Port Group using the vSphere Web Client (2034277)      
LACP is enabled for Virtual Distributed Switch (2036296)      
Inconsistent uplink speeds disable LACP (2036303)    
LACP cannot be enabled (2034683)
Inactive uplinks disable LACP (2036302)  
Duplicate packets or packet loss when using using LACP (2034807)
Inconsistent uplink duplex modes disable LACP (2036304)      
LACP is disabled for Virtual Distributed Switch (2036299)  

Cannot enable LACP because of incompatible teaming policy (2036300)  

No peer response from uplink disables LACP (2036305)     
Uplink moved out of link aggregation group (2036306)

Uplink blocked on virtual distributed switch (2036308)      
Uplink unblocked on virtual distributed switch (2036309)
Uplink disconnected on virtual distributed switch (2036310)

Uplink connected on virtual distributed switch (2036311)

@chriswahl has put up a nice video on configuring LACP here.

Enjoy working with LACP    

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