Wednesday, June 27, 2012

VMworld Session rejected, now What?

Few days back I saw my Twitter feed full of VMworld Session submissions and requesting to vote them to get accepted.

AFAIK its a 5 day event in US and 3 day event in Europe.

Each presenter will get about 20-45 minutes for their presentation and I could be wrong for this duration.

Within 5 days may be 200 or so people will be invited whose presentations got accepted and those are the lucky ones whose trip will be worth to SF. And last I heard about the submissions for this year were around 1600.

So definitely if we say 200 people should be invited then 1400 should be rejected as well. So there should not be any hate or sorrow for being rejected as any one who is going to present has other 1599 presentations to defeat (in a sense of quality and content of the presentation). Now this is not a cup of tea for everyone. I am aware about the nature of presentations got accepted at VMworld and by whom. They are top notch professionals with lots of experience with VMware and associated partners products which goes together. If you have focused only one area in your presentation then it will definitely competing with one which has more than one are covered. Very simple mechanism but very hard to incorporate.

One day I thought about how to use this uncovered knowledge within the community for a better cause to spread it out further. Means giving a second chance to a person to share his knowledge and experience through his/her presentation which could not make it to VMworld approval. And I Tweeted about it too with a Dropbox folder link.

Now you will ask why you are not using Octopus, so my answer for now will be it still in BETA and getting qualified for every success it can achieve so to save the time I decided to go with Dropbox for now.

I did not attend a single VMworld till date (its a surprise but a Fact) and while seeing blogs and Tweets about the experience of the person who is attending, giving me a feeling that one day I will attend it.

So my suggestion to those people is to get ready and pull your sleeves for VMworld 2013 from today itself.

But first share the knowledge you have which will be obsolete by 2013. Sharing is caring.

Thanks for the support as I have received few inquiries on the same subject on how to upload the presentation and I have contacted them offline too as there is no easy way I can share the folder where people can upload anything directly to a Dropbox folder.

So I need the email of the person only to which I can send this link and they can upload to it.

I will suggest to do two things with your presentation before you upload

1) Watermark it, if you want to do so as the person would know who is the contributor or you can leave the presentation without water marking

2) Do it in PPT or PDF so that the person can view it offline at any time by downloading it.

If you don't have an account with dropbox then use this link to create one.

Hope this will help you spread the knowledge within VMware Community.

Thanks again to make this happen and prove an example of being a part of community where knowledge does not stay within one location but travels faster across various regions


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