Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Remote Office Brance Office (ROBO) and Stretched Cluster Resources using vSphere/vCloud


Now a days people are very cautious about their RPO and RTO which directly deals with the BC/DR Strategy and with stretched cluster configurations they are bringing down both the metrics with achievable targets for number of 9s.

I have put here some links for those who wants to Design such environment for various VMware ESX/ESXi/VC versions with 3rd party clustered solutions e.g. VPLEX, Metro Cluster etc.

These links includes recent Remote offices and Branch Offices and also the Stretched Clustered Solutions offered by EMC, NetApp, HP and IBM using VMware vSphere as the foundation.

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  1. Thank you so so much for this useful set of links, I think that it is very nice of you that you've collected them all and provided in one place! Thank you so much for this blog entry a lot!