Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Data Recovery Services for Data Loss

Recently I attended onsite session from Seagate Recovery Services and few weeks back from Kroll Ontract Services.

These two companies are PROs in the Data Recovery services.

For media they can recover could be from anything which can store data. Yes - anything.

Now lets come to the point where you have a definite corruption with VMFS volume or have a major impact on your storage devices which are used to store virtual machines.

Once you open the case and find out there is no other alternative apart from contacting Professional Data Recovery Services to recover the lost data, refer and bookmark our KB 1014513 which has the contact information of both companies.

Now if you know any other company who provide similar services like Kroll and Seagate then provide the feedback to the article with contact information  for that company.

There are few goodies offered by Seagate and one has really critical steps on it which I like to share with all the VMware users. These steps are very useful in order to recover the data properly. Stick the print out on your desk so that visitors can read them :-)

Good Luck !!


  1. Data recovery service is one of the major parts for recover data. It helps to get back useful data.

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  2. Even a file that’s no longer in the Recycle Bin can still be recovered. Windows doesn’t overwrite the actual ones and zeros until another file needs the drive space. If you do have a deleted file to recover, you should minimize the use of your computer as much as possible until you get your file back. Here's a recovery software that my friend recommended to me. Sure it helps as well.