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VSAN Resources


In my previous post on NSX Resources  I have mentioned about VSAN which was announced on 10th March 2014.

VSAN Download Bits as part of VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Update 1

Learning / WhitePapers :

VSAN Design and Sizing Guide

vSphere 5.5 VSAN Documentation

Virtual SAN Hardware Compatibility Guide

VMware Virtual SAN Datasheet

Labs :

VMware HOL on VSAN

Lab Manuals and PDF

Videos/Podcast :

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – 251 – VSAN

VSAN Youtube VMware Channel

VMware Walkthrough Videos


VSAN APIs and Exploring APIs series By William Lam

VSAN using PowerCLI

Creating VSAN cluster using PowerCLI

VSAN Interoperability with Openstack

VSAN interoperability With Openstack

At VMworld 2013

VMworld 2013: What’s New in 5.5 – vSAN

VSAN posts by various Bloggers

VSAN VMware blogs

VSAN information by Duncan Epping
VSAN series by Cormac Hogan
Five Reasons Why VSAN Is Different 
Considering VSAN
VMware VSAN Launch Q&A
VMware’s new VSAN – What Matters
A few thoughts and opinions on VSAN and Hyperconvergence
VMware VSAN cements changes coming to the data center
vSphere 5.5 VSAN, Introducing Your New Storage Vendor VMware
Virtual SAN: Powerfully Simple and Simply Powerful
Virtual SAN VM Density Contest Results!

vSAN 1.0 Announcement
vSphere 5.5 Improvements Part 4 - Virtual SAN (VSAN)
In Which I Muse Over VMware’s Virtual SAN Architecture
What’s New in vCloud Suite 5.5: Virtual SAN (VSAN)

How to install VSAN in Nested Environments

Rebuilding your Virtual SAN Lab? Wipe the disks first!

Performance Benchmark:

Performance of VSAN in VMware View

VSAN Quick Monitoring reference Guide
VDI Benchmarking using View Planner - multipart series
Performance Series


Additional Consideration for VSAN Cluster

KB 2064240 Enabling or capturing performance statistics using
Virtual SAN Observer for VMware Virtual SAN

KB 2058521 Network interfaces used for Virtual SAN are not ready
KB 2059091 Adding a host back to a Virtual SAN cluster after an ESXi host rebuild
KB 2058794 Virtual SAN clustering has been disabled on an ESXi host 
KB 2058529 irtual SAN networking experiences connectivity problems
KB 2058530 Virtual SAN network redundancy has been reduced
KB 2060786 Enabling Virtual SAN on vSphere 5.5 does not create disk groups
KB 2058424 Virtual SAN Requirements

KB 2073795 Horizon View 5.3.1 on VMware VSAN - Quickstart Guide
KB 2073790 Adding more than 16 hosts to a Virtual SAN cluster
KB 2071379 Virtual SAN node reached threshold of opened components
KB 2071753 Virtual SAN insufficient memory
KB 2074026 Storing ESXi coredump and scratch partitions in Virtual SAN

esxcli vsan command References


VSAN Ready Nodes

For now the supported Hardware list as follows so verify when its GA
  • HP HBA H220i
  • HP SMART Array p420i
  • Dell PERC H200
  • Dell PERC H310
  • Dell PERC H710
  • LSI 9207-8i
  • LSI 9211-8i
  • LSI 9240-8i
  • LSI 9271-8i
  • AHCI controllers (AHCI Driver only)

Certifications/Education :

(BETA) VMware VSAN Deploy and Manage

 Designing VSAN:

Exploring VSAN Ready Noes per Socket - by Chris Wahl

VSAN Home Labs:

Build vSAN vSphere Lab using PowerCLI
VMware’s VSAN in the Home Lab
VMware VSAN meets EZLAB
My VSAN home lab configuration
Testing vSphere Virtual SAN in your virtual lab with vSphere 5.5
Building Haswell VSAN Cluster by Derek Seaman
Homelab with vSphere 5.5 and VSAN by Erik Bussink
Prefect VSAN Lab by Ryan Birk
VSAN Build Part 1
Homelab Series Status Update By David Savercool
Homelab Thoughts of VSAN by Vladan Seget
My completely ridiculous VSAN Test by Gabrie

VSAN Observer Specific Posts:

Using RVC VSAN Observer Part 1 and 2 by Rawlinson Rivera
VSAN observer showing stauts
VSAN Observer

Other blogs and and media:

VMware Poised To Unleash vSAN Storage Tech, But Pricing Still Unclear
VMware to launch storage solution VSAN this quarter

SimpliVity CEO: We Love VMware And We’re Not Threatened By VSAN

VMware To Begin Selling VSAN Next Week, But Still Isn’t Sharing Pricing

Are Server SANs The Future Or Just Hype?

VMware VSAN creating buzz around hyperconverged infrastructure

New CTO offers guidance on VMware software-defined data center

VMware embiggens VSAN to petabyte scale

VSAN emerges at a WHOPPING 32 nodes and two MEEELION IOPS

VMware wanted to keep its VSAN pricing secret – now it’s all over the web

VMware Announces Broad Ecosystem Support for VMware Virtual SAN

VMware VSAN vs the Simplicity of Hyperconvergence

VSAN Pricing and Current Promotion during BETA period




Support :

Global VMware Product Support page

Social Groups / Community:

Linked Group on VSAN



VMware Community for VSAN

I will try to keep this page updated as and when receives any feedback or RSS Feeds but you can always leaves the Feedback and I will try to update the post at the earliest.

Share and care as VSAN is indeed a big shake in the SDS !!


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