Saturday, November 9, 2013

VMware NSX Resources


As NSX and VSAN are the future and now everyone is looking for the resources on both these products.

Duncan Epping has listed all the resources of VSAN on his website which gave me an idea to do the same for NSX (VMware's Network Virtualization).

Learning / WhitePapers :

VMware NSX Walkthrough 

VMware NSX Resources Page

VMware NSX Network Virtualization Design Guide

VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals
(3 hours Self-paced Course)

Customer Use Case by NTT

VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform

VMware NSX on Cisco Nexus 7K and UCS Design Guide 

Combining VMware NSX with Palo Alto Networks

NSX Multi Hypervisor Network Virtualization Design Guide Ver 4.2

Getting Started Guide for NSX vSphere 

Securing NSX vSphere Ver. 1.0

Getting Started with Micro-Segmentation with NSX vSphere

SDDC operations and solutions

EMC Smarts, RiverBed, Brocade, Tufin, Gigamon

Official Documentation :

Labs :

HOL-SDC-1303 VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform
HOL-SDC-1319 Tech Preview : VMware NSX for Multi-Hypervisor Environments

Videos/Podcast :

By Hany Michael

Deploying the NSX Virtual Appliance

Deploying the NSX Controllers
Preparing Hosts and Configuring Unicast VXLAN
Configuring a Logical Switch

By VMware NSX TV on Youtube

VMware NSX - Operational Visibility Across Virtual and Physical Domains
Network Automation with NSX
Service Composer
Activity Monitoring
Verify EPIC Access
Block Finance to EPIC
User Access to Apps
VM Activity
VM Level Activity

Videos by NSX Partners

NSX Demo Video

Youtube NSX channel

At VMworld 2013

Under the Hood Network Virtualization with OpenStack
Session NET5847 Introducing to NSX
Network Virtualization : Moving Beyond  the Obvious
Interview with Bruce Davie at VMworld about NSX
Nicira for Open, Flexible and Virtualized Networking
Interview with Martin Casado
General Session Annoucement at VMworld Barcelona

VMworld 2012

NET 5520 - VMware NSX Integration with OpenStack

By Brad Hedlund

Video Interview at VMworld about NSX
Virtualization Security Round Table : VMware NSX
VMware's approach to SDN from Brad Hedlund

By IpSpace (Ivan Pepelnjak)
NSX Architecture Videos

VMUG NSX series

VMworld 2014 Session for NSX and SDDC

VMworld Session for NSX

NSX Training Video by Jason Nash on Pluralsight

Certifications :

VMware Certification Road Map on VCA-NV, VCP-NV, VCIx-NV and VCDX-NV (Sign up if Interested in VCIX-NV)

Linkedin Group for VMware NV Certifications

VCP-NV Certfication

NSX Fast Track for Internetworking Experts - VCIX-NV (Now Available)

VCDX-NV Certification

NSX: Design & Deploy (sign up Available)

NSX Troubleshooting Workshop (sign up Available)

Diagrams :

By Hany Michael :

VMware NSX for vSphere - Systems Architecture

VMware NSX with vCloud Director - External Portal Access
VMware NSX with vCloud Director - Remote VPN Access

By Greg Ferro

NSX - Before and After Traffic Diagrams

By Anthony Burke :

VMware NSX for vSphere Architecture v0.2

By Ivan Pepelnjak :

NSX Architecture

Other blogs and Presentations :

By VMware : 

VMware NSX

NSX Availability 

VMware Communities for NSX

Google + community for NSX

By Brad Hedlund :

NSX Convergence and Reforming operational visibility for the SDDC
Seven Reasons VMware NSX, Cisco UCS adn Nexus are more awesome together
NSX Distributed Firewall

By Scott Lowe :

Handling the NVP to NSX Transition

By Anthony Burke :
VMware NSX is here and Now

By Erik Scholten :
Introduction to VMware NSX
VMware NSX Distributed Services

By Techtarget


By Network Computing

By Forbes

By Moor Insights & Strategy

By Virtualized Geek

By Greg Ferro

By SDN Central

By Virtualization Practice

By The Register-co-uk

By Network Computing

By Packetpushers : Real World SDN

By Ivan Pepelnjak: NSX Architecture

VMware NSX Defining the Problem

Why is Network Virtualization so Hard?


Support :

By Nicira : Support Page

NSX Training

NSX ICM 6.0 course for 5 Days

Social Groups / Community

Linked Group created by yours Truly

Google Plus Community by Angelo Luciani

I will try to keep this page updated as and when receives any feedback or RSS Feeds but you can always leaves the Feedback and I will try to update the post at the earliest.

Share and care as NSX is the Future of Virtualized Networking.


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